FN-T5 и F315

Dual Spectrum Thermographic Complex
Dual Spectrum Thermographic Complex FORTUNA FN-T5. The advanced solution using the adaptive expert solutions of our company with higher quality and sensitivity provides the more precise measurement. Dual Spectrum Thermographic Complex FORTUNA F315. The present solution is simpler and at a favorable price that performs the base tasks of detection and non-contact fever identification within the detection zone.


Technical Advantages:
  • Thermal imaging micro-bolometric sensor IRFPA (proprietary technology) with higher quality and sensitivity provides the more precise measurement. 
  • The Complex supports non-contact body temperature measurement as well identification of person with the simultaneous face recognition up to 45 faces.
  • The Complex provides integration with external systems ACS and security systems both at hardware and software level.
  • The Complex comes standard with licensed software including advanced AI server and client software, mobile application adapted for monitoring, data capturing, signal indication, analytic reporting and data exchange with external systems. 
  • The Complex provides the high accuracy temperature detection within the identified area   opposed to analogues with measurement accuracy depending on the distance of an observing object under motion to the camera.
  • The installed motorized camera provides to set the wider visual angle and to capture the wider area as well, e.g. 2 incoming groups form two flows of people to be controlled, other solutions are able to control the only flow, so the full value control requires to limit the flow of people to 1 unit or to buy 2 products. 
  • The equipment is able to function 24x7 without routine breaks opposed to the analogues.
  • The full set of the Complex provides the unimpaired operation after placement immediately. 
Delivery Advantages:
  • The owned plants in Russia and Europe provide to cover the delivery period 7 to 21 days.
  • Warranty for the equipment – 2 years.
  • Technical Support within 1 year free.


Characteristics FN-T5 F315
Thermal Camera  
Resolution, pxl  400х300 384х288
Pixel Size 17μm
Visual Area  46° × 35° 37,6° × 28,6°
Focal Distance      8 mm 10 mm
Spectral Range 8~14um
Colour Range up to 17 colours
Video Camera
Resolution  1920(H)×1080(V)
Focal Distance  2.7 ~ 12mm
Motorized Camera
Measurement Parameters  
Accuracy ≤ ±0.3 ℃
Measured Area  - 20°C … +60°C +20°C … +50°C
Identification Time  ≤30ms ≤0,1s
Temperature Detection Distance  3-5 meters 3-6 meters
Body Temperature Maximal Width    4-5  meters 2-4  meters
Simultaneous Face Detection  Up to 45 faces  Up to 30 faces
Temperature Calibration Automatic Calibration
Other Parameters    
Alarms Over Temperature, Temperature Difference
Alarm Functions  Perimeter Setting for 8 Zones, Virtual Guards  Alarm 3 Level Settings, Alarm Event Fixing
Software  AI Server/Client Software  provided  CMS operation system
Software Functions  Monitoring, Management, Full Value Face Detection including database processing, medical card, data capture and analysis, ACS integration, mobile app. Monitoring, Management, Simultaneous Detection and Temperature Measurement 
Physical Parameters            
Interface  12V, Ethernet (10/100 Base-T), RS485, Alarm  12V, Ethernet (10/100 Base-T)
Protection  IP66  IP66
Weight      2 kg       2,3 kg
Camera Dimensions (LxWxH)  207x172x118 mm  278×122×100 mm
Placement on Tripod      yes  


Contents of delivery

  • Dual spectral camera
  • Absolute BlackBody (АBB)
  • PC/Notebook or Server provided with installation of Server License Software for video processing and face detection.
  • Pre-installed Licensed Software in PC/Server for face detection, temperature measurement, data processing, parameters setting, access control. 
  • Power adapter (HPU), POE injector (if necessary). 
  • Wall brackets or mount pillars.
  • Set of cable assembly, cording for device connection.
  • Documentation (digital and printed).


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